Business Model Innovations in the Digital Publishing Industry

Zeitschrift/Ausgabe: Downloads /2016
Autoren: Hans Koller, Bianca Dennstedt
Erschienen: 2016
Kurzbeschreibung: The main research focus of this paper is to emphasize the radical change regarding pub- lishers’ business models brought by digitalization. This change was thoroughly investigated in three studies, which revealed how fundamentally each element of the business model is affected. These three studies refer to (1) readers expectations, (2) the change of publishers’ key resources and key processes and (3) to the expectations of advertisers, who are sup- posed to pay for services readers want for free. The results indicate some promising aspects of the business model innovation needed, addressing the fundamentally changed user de- mand, the user and user communities as additional key resource as well as communication with users as new key processes for this kind of co-creation, and a bunch of services that might be attractive for advertising companies and might help shaping a revenue model for the publisher.