4th Conference on Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions, Band 2 / E
von Gronau, Norbert (Ed.) (2007)
In today's business world, the ability to deal with knowledge is the factor that differentiates successful companies from others, e.g. in product development or recognizing market opportunities. Profe ...
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A Dynamic Bottleneck-oriented Manufacturing Control System
von Scholz-Reiter, Bernd (Hrsg.); Liu, Huaxin (2012)
Dynamic Bottleneck-oriented Manufacturing Control (DBNO) is a hybrid manufacturing control system focusing on discrete manufacturing systems with routing flexibility in a Make-To-Order environment. It ...
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An approach to design the business model of an ERP vendor
von Dr. rer. pol. Carsten Brockmann (2014)
This book is based on the dissertation of Carsten Brockmann. He introduces a method to design the business model of an ERP vendor. Within this book, readers will find three novelties. First, a procedu ...
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Architectural Styles for Early Goal - driven Middleware Platform Selection
von Giesecke, Simon (2008)
The selection of a suitable middleware platform is a critical task in developing modern software systems. It is critical to fulfil the system's quality requirements, e. g. availability. A systematic s ...
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Architectural Translucency
von Stantchev, Vladimir (2008)
Web services are emerging as a dominating technology for providing and combining functionality in distributed systems. A serviceoriented architecture (SOA) offers native capabilities to deliver and us ...
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Building intelligent electronic Services
von Blecker, Thorsten; Friedrich, Gerhard (Hrsg.); Jannach, Dietmar (2006)
This book describes new knowledge-based approaches for developing complex, next-generation electronic services and web-based applications. It comprises several examples of how we can deal with the ...
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Competence Modelling for Human Resources Development and European Policies
von Stracke, Christian M. (2011)
Competence modeling is gaining more and more importance in the human resources sector. Global competition, the increasing speed of markets and new technologies give a special meaning to the descriptio ...
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Cooperative design of manufacturing systems in SME’s - Development of an integration approach and a groupware-based cooperation concept
von Scholz-Reiter, Bernd (Hrsg.); Bastian-Köpp, Dörte (2009)
Planning and improving of production systems and manufacturing processes is a most complex task in engineering. In small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) it is usually carried out by a group of en ...
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Coordination and Agent Technology in Value Networks
von Bichler, Martin; Holtmann, Carsten (2004)
New approaches and technologies are required to coordinate the interdependent interests of economic entities. Distributed decision making and self-organization become increasingly important where hier ...
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Customer Interaction and Customer Integration
von Blecker, Thorsten; Friedrich, Gerhard; Hvam, Lars; Edwards, Kasper (Hrsg.) (2006)
This proceedings book presents recent advances in mass customization research. It consists of the papers accepted for presentation at the Joint Conference of International Mass Customization Meeting 2 ...
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Dependability Engineering
von Hasselbring, Wilhelm; Giesecke, Simon (2007)
This volume deals with the state of the art in systematically developing dependable software systems. Dependability comprises the quality characteristics correctness, reliability, availability, perfor ...
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Design and Use Patterns of Adaptability in Enterprise Systems
von Gronau, Norbert (Hrsg.); Andresen, Katja (2006)
Adaptability is a visionary concept increasing the actability of business organisations lacking methodical support for analysis and assessment. This contribution is dedicated to provide a methodical s ...
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Economics of Communication – ICT Driven Sustainability
von Michael A. Herzog (ed.) (2015)
Web and Internet technologies initiated the fourth industrial revolution in less than 20 years since their entry into mainstream communication scenarios, significantly changing economics and society. ...
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Evaluation of the Impact of Learning Labs on Inventory Control - An Experimental Approach with a Collaborative Simulation Game of a Production Network
von Scholz-Reiter, Bernd (Hrsg.); Delhoum, Salima (2008)
Das Fachgebiet Planung und Steuerung produktionstechnischer Systeme (PSPS) unter der Leitung von Professor Scholz-Reiter ist ein Teil des Fachbereichs Produktionstechnik an der Universität Bremen. Da ...
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Extension, Configuration and the Advantages of the Shifting Bottleneck Approach for Solving Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problems in Production and Logistics Processes
von Yi, Tan (2017)
Production scheduling plays a key role for the intelligent production in Industry 4.0. Due to the increasing market competition, manufactures play more and more attention to ful lling the customers’ d ...
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Feasibility of Autonomous Logistic Processes Introduction of Learning Pallets
von Mehrsai, Afshin, Scholz-Reiter, Bernd (Hrsg.) (2013)
The current dynamic circumstances in supply networks and production environments cause several challenges for indus- tries. To manage these dynamics, a new paradigm of autonomy for processes and objec ...
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From the Basics to the Service
von Borg, Erik; Daedelow, Holger; Johnson, Ryan (Hrsg.) (2013)
The present proceedings include the contributions to the 5th RESA workshop in Neustrelitz. In the context of the RESA project a user workshop is held annually. At this workshop, scientific and commerc ...
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Innovative Processes and Products for Mass Customization
von Blecker, Thorsten; Edwards, Kasper; Friedrich, Gerhard; Hvam, Lars; Salvador, Fabrizio (Hrsg.) (2007)
This proceedings book consists of the papers accepted for presentation at the joint conference of the International Mass Customization Meeting 2007 (IMCM’07) and International Conference on Economic, ...
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Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science
von Hölzl, Johannes; Ribe-Baumann, Liz; Brückner, Markus (Ed.) (2011)
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft‘s Research Training Groups (RTGs) with an emphasis in computer science traditionally meet once a year at Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center for Informatics, one of t ...
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MDD, SOA und IT-Management (MSI 2009) - Workshop, Oldenburg, October 2009
von Steffens, Ulrike; Addicks, Jan Stefan; Postina, Matthias; Streekmann, Niels (Eds.) (2009)
Modern enterprise IT-Management needs to react to ever more rapidly occurring business changes since the evolution of the business architecture has a direct impact on the underlying IT-architecture. E ...
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Modeling and Analyzing knowledge intensive business processes with KMDL - Comprehensive insights into theory and practice
von Gronau, Norbert (Hrsg.) (2012)
The proportion of value added of knowledge in companies has increased since the last years and in this context the meaning of knowledge flows within business processes has become more important. Numer ...
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Modeling of Organizational Knowledge and Information
von Norbert Gronau and Christiaan Maasdorp (Ed.) (2016)
By developing an interpretive process approach to the management of knowledge in organisations, Norbert Gronau’s KMDL offers an escape from the failure of popular KM to bring to light the dynamic natu ...
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Providing Decision Support in the Operative Management of Process Disruptions
von Kuster, Jürgen (2008)
The process of responding to unforeseen disturbances occurring during the execution of scheduled operations is called disruption managment (DM): Central aim is to select appropriate repair actions, de ...
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Serious Games in Andragogy: A Case Study Research Using Micro-Content Games
von Seiche, R. (2015)
This study explores the relevance of serious games in adult education. In recent times learning success and competence building have become a very crucial factor for all kinds of facets in life and in ...
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Service Oriented Modeling - 1st International Workshop on Service Oriented Modeling
von Ahrens, Maximilian; Schönherr, Marten (Hrsg.) (2006)
In the last few years both Scientists and Practitioners have been discussing the issue of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Modeling the business processes is the first step to formalize (function ...
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Sustainability and Effectiveness in Global Logistic Systems
von Scholz-Reiter, Bernd (Hrsg.); Frazzon, Enzo Morosini (2009)
Global production and sourcing have shaped material and information flows in dynamic and complex systems. The strategic initiatives of logistic services firms within these systems impel the internatio ...
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The Future of Learning Innovations and Learning Quality - How do they fit together?
von Stracke, Christian M. (2012)
Learning innovations and learning quality are crucial for the success in learning, education and training: Both objectives are current challenges in the changing times of globalisation and increasing ...
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